Full-Cycle Solution Engineering and Technology Strategy Consulting

Through meeting the most challenging clients’ requirements, we’ve evolved into a committed tech partner with a seasoned team of software developers and experts who work closely together to build exactly the solution you need.

Our services

Business Technology Integration Consulting

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Many of our clients operate in the global economy and expand into foreign markets where they face intense competition. To grow and maintain their competitiveness in such environments, they rely on state-of-the-art technologies. These advanced IT resources give them the platform they need to succeed in their industry. 

Our custom-built cutting-edge solutions have helped clients successfully boost the quality of their products and services. Some of the many benefits of integrating technology with your business are increased productivity and efficiency, improved communications, greater growth potential, and better data accessibility across the board. If you are ready to give your business the boost it deserves, here’s how we operate:

  • Business case analysis
  • Project scoping & phase mapping
  • Strategic planning & advisory
  • Solution architecture & infrastructure planning
  • Operational assessment & benchmarking
  • Rollout & testing roadmapping

Here’s more about our most in-demand service, blockchain consulting. We can help you harness the unlimited potential of blockchain technology to simplify your business processes, improve the speed of business operations to keep up with the industry, uphold transparency standards, ensure traceability and provenance, and enjoy reduced costs.

Since 2013, we’ve been proving that there’s a lot more to the technology than cryptocurrencies. We’ve got a solid engineering and research&development array for precise troubleshooting, whatever your industry. Our blockchain consulting experts have worked across a broad spectrum of industries ranging from fintech to supply chain, from healthcare to real estate. We offer consulting services to help clients better understand their needs and resolve all the questions regarding:

  • Essentials of top frameworks like Ethereum, EOS, Quorum, Corda, Bitcoin, Ripple, Hyperledger, BitShares, Stellar
  • Custom blockchain and consensus protocols
  • Cryptographic hash functions
  • Basic concepts of decentralized networks and smart contracts
  • Private, public, and hybrid blockchain architecture
  • Creating and validating blocks, blocks structure
  • Distribution, verification, and protection of sensitive data
  • Scalability and interoperability of distributed networks
  • Token ecosystems, transaction fees, and signing authenticity
  • Digital wallets, oracles, block explorers
  • Dapps vs. conventional web apps
  • Use cases for a specific industry

Blockchain Development Services

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The distributed ledger technology of blockchain significantly reduces operational costs. As reported by McKinsey & Co. in a June 2018 article, “Cost can be taken out of existing processes by removing intermediaries or the administrative effort of record keeping and transaction reconciliation”.

With the benefit of a decade’s intensive industry experience in developing and deploying transformative software, we further pioneer blockchain development, with a profound understanding of IoT, Data Science, AI, and AR/VR technologies complementing our solutions. Our team has a proven track record in developing the following safe, secure, and scalable blockchain solutions:

  • Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
  • DApp Solutions
  • Smart Contracts & Audit
  • Hyperledger Solutions
  • ICO & STO Solutions
  • Block Explorers
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange & Wallet Solutions
  • Mining Pools
  • Blockchain Game Development

Mobile App Development

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The exponential increase in smartphone users has profound implications for all businesses. They need to develop a strong multi-channel presence in the modern digital environment to remain connected with their customers.

Our team of mobile app development experts understands your priorities and business growth requirements. With over 13 years of all-round experience and more than 40 expert developers, we offer the following mobile development services to enable you to obtain instant value by scaling your client base on the fly:

  • iOS, Android, cross-platform applications
  • Mobile  applications for the IoT and embedded systems
  • Mobile crypto wallet applications
  • Mobile game applications
  • AR/VR  applications
  • Wayfinding apps and extra layer maps 
  • GPS- and marker-based applications

Web Development

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We fully understand that a well-maintained website can be a powerful tool, giving our clients long-lasting competitive advantage in their industries and boosting their business productivity. It gets them more leads, helps increase sales, polishes their professional brand, and greatly improves overall customer service. 

Whether you wish to build a brand new app or update a legacy system, we are here to come up with a tailor-made tech package to deliver a solution that entirely meets your critical needs: 

  • Progressive Web App Solutions (PWA)
  • AI-Powered Website Solutions
  • FinTech & DeFi Web App Solutions
  • AR & VR-Enabled Website Solutions
  • Accessible Web Design
  • IoT & Cloud-Based Website Solutions

We deliver to firms of all sizes

We are proud to be a company that treats each project with the same individual attention, no matter its complexity or business scale. Whether you’re a startup looking to win investor funding, or a tech giant looking to consolidate your grip on the market, we’ll help you rise to every challenge. We also welcome:

  • Entrepreneurs and innovators 
  • Venture businesses
  • Tech startups
  • Global market leaders
  • Service providers and manufacturers 

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